4 Day  WORKSHOPS  Acrylics and Watercolors 2020



AWAITING THE BUS 60x80cms., Acrylic, Donna Dickson, Jan 2019, $1300. U.S.

        "AWAITING THE BUS”  60 x 80 cm.

              Acrylic  Donna Dickson



In Puerto Vallarta 




Jan. 28th to 31st. 2020

$400. U.S.

IN THE SHADE , RED  VW  45 x 60 cm acrylic on canvas  Donna Dickson April 2019. $625 US

“ IN THE SHADE “ 45 x 60 cm. acrylic  

 Donna Dickson

We invite you to take your painting skills to a new level and become a better painter with accomplished professional artist / teacher  Donna Dickson.

While covering all the basics of painting - drawing, composition and design, we will be putting a special emphasis on mastering colour. We will learn to see colour in all it's subtle forms and then sharpen our skills in mixing those tints, tones and shades!

Inspired by this tropical paradise on Banderas Bay, we will be painting the scenery around us -seascapes, landscapes and tropical flora.

Open to all levels of experience - this 4 day workshop held in the heart of Old town will provide all materials and reference photos needed.

Cost is $400 US or peso equivalent. 

JANUARY 28th TO 31st. 2020.  ( 9:30 am to 4 pm daily ) 

A deposit of $100. US or peso equiv. is required before Jan.1st 2020 , to hold your spot.

Contact Donna at-  donnaleeartist@gmail.com


Feb 18th- 21st  2020

$400. U.S

DOWN TO THE SHORE watercolour 29 x 35 cm May 2017 Donna Dickson

“ DOWN TO THE SHORE ”  29 x 35 cm. watercolor  Donna Dickson

Experience the exciting world of watercolors! If you would like to be a better painter and you wish to know how the masters handle watercolor - this is your chance! 

With her exceptional abilities as a teacher, you'll find your work loosening up and flowing with better control in no time. Inspired by this tropical Mexican location on Banderas Bay, we will be painting the lush scenery around us, -colorful every day life, seascapes and landscapes.

Open to all levels of experience this 4 day workshop will be held in the heart of Old Town, Puerto Vallarta.

Some materials  and all reference photos that we will be using will be provided. 

Contact Donna for details:  donnaleeartist@gmail.com

Cost is $400 US or Peso equivalent. 

Date: -  Feb 18th to 21st 2020.

A deposit of $100.US is required before Feb.1st 2020 to hold your spot.

SISTERS AT THE PLAYA 11.5 X 15.75 in

    "Sisters at the Playa “ 29 x 40 cm.  watercolor        

Donna Dickson


The subject matter around Banderas bay is an endless inspiration; the Pacific Ocean with all the colourful boats afloat; the life of the beach; the rugged mountains with their misty jungle vegetation spilling down toward the sea; the play of surf and sand; the sun falling into the sea serving up the most gorgeous sunsets imaginable. 

Puerto Vallarta has blossomed into one of Mexico's prime  destinations while retaining a real authentic Mexican charm. The hotels are well run, clean, comfortable and affordable. The same can be said of the many excellent restaurants. There is lots to do and see in Puerto Vallarta, and the crime rate is so low as to be essentially non-existent - to top it off, the people are genuinely friendly and helpful!

Accommodation Suggestions:

Hotel Tropicana

Hotel Porto Novo

Hotel Rosita

Donna (with the blue scarf) teaching a Workshop in San Miguel de Allende

Tel: 322 175 4587 

 email: donnaleeartist@gmail.com

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